Magic Trio Peeler

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Whatever peeling task, this peeler set can handle bumps and curves with ease and without clogging or losing its edge.

Magic Trio Peeler can be used for easy peeling, removing vegetable/fruit seeds and creating tiny potato balls. 

Magic Trio Peeler comes with 3 color coded peelers:

BLACK 50mm PEELER - General Peeling potatoes, carrots, apples, pumpkin, pineapples, tomatoes 

BLUE 68mm PEELER - Cabbage shredder, cheese slicer, ribbons, thin slicing 

RED JULIENNE PEELER - Julienne, zucchini noodles, pumpkin spaghetti 


  • Dual ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Comfortable handle despite repetitive peeling
  • Built-in potato eye remover and orange peeler
  • Dishwasher safe


  • 1 x Black Peeler
  • 1 x Blue Peeler
  • 1 x Red Peeler

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