Boxing Sidekick Speed Ball

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The Boxing Sidekick increases your agility, concentration and reflexes while providing an intense workout.


  • The ball is attached to an elastic rope, which is attached to a headband. Simply put on the headband and start punching away!


  • RESHAPE YOUR BODY – Lifting weights and long hours on the treadmill is not the only way to get fit. The unpredictability of the ball, coupled with the intensity of your punches will really burn out your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, perfect for calorie burning and conditioning!
  • WORK OUT ANYWHERE – Don’t have time for the gym? With this boxing reflex ball, you don’t have to. Train from home or even from work! It’s lightweight and portable, which means you can carry it virtually everywhere with you. No more excuses...simply adjust the headband and you’re ready for your daily workout!
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE – Everyone can use Speed Ball either for training purposes or for a fun game that will build your hand-eye coordination and it will nicely compliment your MMA, boxing or kickboxing training!