Guitar Universal Phone Holder

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Never forget your chords, tabs, or lyrics again! This guitar phone holder mounts your smartphone to your guitar's headstock, giving you the perfect view for your favorite lessons, videos, or chord charts right on your smartphone.


  • Strong suction technology - Once you push it on, it won't fall off. Feel free to move, jump, or dance as you play - it won't fall off!
  • Compact size - Fits perfectly in your pocket or case.
  • Residue free - Don't worry about marks or stains left on your guitar.
  • 360 degree rotation - Position your phone in any angle you desire.
  • Strong goose neck - Don't worry about Guitar Sidekick snapping or breaking.
  • Compatible  - with all cell phones (iPhone, Android Phones, etc.)
  • Multi-use - Use it in the car, stick it to your wall, use it to record YouTube or Instagram videos. Be creative!


  1. Place Guitar Sidekick on your guitar's headstock.
  2. Apply firm pressure for 2 seconds, then let go.
  3. Guitar Sidekick is now attached to your  guitar 
  4. Relax - jam without forgetting your tabs, chords, or lyrics.
  5. Be creative! Use your Guitar Sidekick to help record your own videos for self-improvement. Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube!

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