Easy Pineapple Slicer

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This Easy Pineapple Slicer slices a fresh pineapple in 30 seconds. It removes perfectly formed rings while leaving the core in the shell.

Why Easy Pineapple Slicer?

EASY TO CLEAN – Knob and slicer separates with a push of a button for easy cleaning.


TWICE AS FAST AS NORMAL SLICERS – Our Easy Pineapple Slicer is the #1 rated pineapple slicer. You won’t find slicer at this price anywhere else.


SAFER THAN KNIVES – No sharp blades or edges.




1. Cut off the pineapple top.


2. Place and turn the slicer.


3. Pull the slicer out of the pineapple.


4. Voila – You have now created perfectly formed rings!


5. Serve, eat, and enjoy. You may choose to keep the pineapple shell to use as a bowl!




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